Atlantic City, New Jersey

From Circle Of The Crone

At this time Atlantic City is off limits to outsiders who do not have a direct invite from an acknowledge member of the Court.

Prince - Cardinal Mackenzie DuMont, Daeva, Lancea Sanctum (Status 5)

Sheriff - None at this time

Hierophant - Julia Fortenza, Daeva

Rules of the City

  • 1 - Do not break the Masquerade. Very basic rule. Failure to abide by this rule will result in torpor up to Final Death
  • 2 - Do not take the soul of another Kindred. Diablerie is forbidden. The punishment is Final Death.
  • 3 - You will not embrace without permission. To do such denies the mortal the grace of God and places upon them your sins. If you take the life of a mortal and grant it damnation without permission, then you forfeit your unlife, and the unlife of your progeny.
  • 4 -Elysium will be respected at all times. I do not want to see weapons on Elysium. The Master of Elysium will be outlining further details on this. The penalty for breach of Elysium is torpor up to final death.
  • 5 - At this time, the North Side is being investigated to see if it is something that can be opened up. Until such a time, venturing into the North Side without a writ of passage is forbidden.
  • 6 - The Casinos are also also off-limits until such a time that it can be deemed that they are safe. The Casinos have Cameras. Blurry images on cameras is a breach of the Masquerade.
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